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What is a metasite?

“A MetaSite is an integrated online platform of practical references, knowledge resources, encyclopedic information and interactive services.” - HolinfoBank

While we did not begin with this concept in mind, our Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, website has grown to fit the definition. Established on February 13, 2003, it has now expanded into a family of five websites comprising ten theme sets that incorporate over 400 pages of original information and thousands of manually-edited resource links. Most pages are linked by a menu bar spanning the top and bottom of each page, thereby facilitating access to all sections of the metasite.

We hope you will consider our websites as key resources in your excursions on the Worldwide Web. We make every effort to keep our site child safe so it can be used by school-aged children, college students and visitors from all walks of life.

The Ten Spider Enterprises, LLC, metasite is designed around theme pages and topic pages. Each theme page introduces a group of topic pages and contains a sitemap for the group. Topic pages include reference links to other sites. When a group of related topic pages becomes especially large or diverse, it may be assigned its own theme page beneath one of the primary ten — our Ten Spiders.

Above is a sampler of content available on our site. Our Master SiteMap will direct you to the principal Theme Page SiteMaps; its link is located at the upper right-hand corner of every page. The left margin of each topic page contains links to related topics. We hope you will utilize our site, offer suggestions as to how we might improve, and find the Ten Spider experience a pleasant and rewarding one!


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19 May 2014
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